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Vixen Telescope SXP2 equatorial mount

Vixen Telescope SXP2 equatorial mount


SXP2 equatorial mount

  • R.A. slow motion

    Worm and wheel gears with 180-tooth whole circle micro movement, 73.2mm in diameter, made of brass

  • DEC. slow motion

    Worm and wheel gears with 180-tooth whole circle micro movement, 73.2mm in diameter, made of brass

  • Worm shaft gear

    9mm in diameter, made of brass

  • R.A. axis

    40mm in diameter, made of carbon steel

  • DEC. axis

    40mm in diameter, made of carbon steel

  • Number of bearings

    16 pieces

  • Counterweight bar

    20mm in diameter, stainless steel, retractable

  • Polar axis scope

    Built-in 6X20mm finder scope, 8 degrees field of view, with automatic turn off reticle illuminator, brightness adjustable in 8 steps, 3 arc minutes or less setting accuracy, Battery: CR2032 (supplied for checking purpose), 3 stars alignment (Polaris, delta UMI and 51 Cep in the northern hemisphere; Octantis 4 stars in the southern hemisphere) with precession correction until the year 2040.

  • Azimuth adjustment

    Coarse setting: 360 degrees, Fine adjustment with double screws, about 1.7 degrees per rotation, Fine adjustable range about +/- 5 degrees

  • Altitude adjustment

    Latitude adjustable between 0 degree and 70 degrees (devided in 3 zones for high, middle and low latitude and adjustable +/- 15 degrees per zone), altitude scale in 5 degrees increments, Fine adjustment with double screws about 0.7 degrees per rotation

  • Motor drive

    Pulse motors and belt drive system, with micro-step motion control (About 250 pps)

  • Go-To slewing/tracking

    Automatic slewingwith STAR BOOK TEN controller, 1000× of sidereal rate at maximum slewing speed, high precision tracking

  • Loading capacity

    About 1.3 to 17 kg (Torque load: 32.5 to 425 kg-cm at a point of 25cm from the place where the R.A and Dec axes cross.)

  • Controller port

    D-SUB 9 PIN Male connector

  • Power port

    DC12V EIAJ RC5320A Calss4 (Unified Standard), Center plus polarity

  • Power source/Electricity consumption

    DC12V, 0.45 to 2.2 amperes (at 10 kg loading weight), 0.6 to 2.5 amperes (at 17 kg loading weight)

  • Size

    386mm x 419mm x 128mm (except protrusion)

  • Weight

    About 13.3 kg (without counterweight)

STAR BOOK TEN controller

  • CPU

    32 bit RISC processor 324MHz SH7764

  • Display

    5-inch TFT color LCD, WVGA(800x480=384,000 pixels), 65,536 colors, with adjustable backlighting

  • Power port

    DC12V EIAJ RC5320A Class 4(Unified Standard), Center plus polarity

  • Autoguider port

    6-pole 6-wired modular jack

  • LAN port


  • Controller port

    D-SUB 9PIN Male connector

  • Expansion slot

    For Advance Unit sold separately

  • On-sreen R.A./DEC. display unit

    R.A.: 1 arc second, DEC: 0.1 minute

  • Power supply

    DC12V (supplied from the Mount side)

  • Battery for backup memory


  • Electricity consumption

    12V 0.5A at maximum (stand-alone use)

  • Working temperature

    0 degree to 40 degrees Centigrade

  • Size

    169mm x 154mm x 30mm

  • Weight

    380g (without battery and without cable)

  • Celestial object database

    272,342 (SAO:258,997, NGC:7,840, IC:5,386, Messier:109*, 7 planets, q quasi-planet, the Moon and the Sun) *In the database, M91 and M102 are listed as NGC4548 and NGC5866 respectively.

  • Menus and major functions

    Automatic Go-To slewing, Sidereal tracking and different tracking speeds for the Sun, the Moon, planets comets and artificial satellites, Moon map, Backlash compensation, V-PEC, P-PEC, Extrnal autoguider connection, Vight vision mode, Available in 6 languages (Japanese/English/French/German/Italy/Spanish), Screen brightness control, Hibernate mode, LAN connecting update and more (as of September 2018).

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