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Vixen Telescope PORTA II-ED80Sf

Vixen Telescope PORTA II-ED80Sf


Optical tube

  • Apochromatic objective lens

    80mm ED lens, multi-coated.

  • Focal Length

    600mm (f/7.5)

  • Reolving power / Limiting magnitude

    1.45 arc sec. / 11.3

  • Light gathering power

    131x unaided eye

  • Dimensions / weight

    L: 570mm, OD: 100mm, 4.8kg (body 3.4kg)

  • Finder scope

    9x50mm, actual field of view 4.8 deg.


  • Visual back

    42mm for T-ring, 31.7mm push fit

  • Eyepiece (Dia. 31.7mm)

    PL20mm (33x), PL6.3mm (103x)

Altazimuth mount

  • Mount type

    PORTA II altazimuth mount

  • Vertical and horizontal slow motions

    Worm and wheel gears with 120-tooth whole-circile movement, with slow motion handles

  • Optical tube setting up

    Dovetail-plate attachment system

  • Maximum loading capacity

    Approx. 5kg

  • Weight

    5.7kg including tripod


  • Material / Type

    Aluminum 2-sectional legs (with tray)

  • Dimensions / weight

    L: 900mm⇔1,300mm, H: 705⇔1,200mm, Radius: 370⇔606mm


  • Accessories

    Aluminum case for optical tube

  • Photography

    Eyepiece projection, prime-focus, afocal imaging.

  • Solar observation

    Not possible

  • Total weight

    10.5kg without eyepiece


  • Aluminum case for optical tube


  • Optical tube assembly
  • PORTA II altazimuth mount (with tripod)
  • Eyepiece
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