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Vixen Telescope MOBILE PORTA VMC95L

Vixen Telescope MOBILE PORTA VMC95L


Optical Tube

  • Objective lens

    D=95mm, Achromatic, multi-coated

  • Focal length (Focal ratio)

    F=1050mm (f11.1)

  • Resolving power / Limiting magnitude

    1.22 arc seconds / 11.7

  • Light gathering power

    184× unaided eye

  • Size / Weight

    107mm dia × 360mm / 2.0kg (Net 1.8kg)

  • Finder scope

    XY red dot finder II (zero power)


  • Focusing mechanism

    Tangent screw type

  • Adapter threads / Visual back

    42mm for T-ring, 317mm push-fit (built-in flip mirror)

  • Eyepieces

    NPL10mm (53X【105×】, 57'【29'】 field of view), 【use with 2×barlow lens】


  • Leg type, material

    2-section aluminum legs with quick-release leg clamps

  • Size

    Adjustable from 720mm to 1290mm in length (from 640mm to 1140mm in height), setup radius from 410mm to 700mm


  • Accessories

    2X Barlow lens


  • Photography

    Usable with Prime focus, Eyepiece projection and Aforcal imaging

  • Solar observation

    Not available

  • Total weight

    4.4kg (without eyepieces)

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