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Vixen Telescope AXD2-VMC260L(WT)-P

Vixen Telescope AXD2-VMC260L(WT)-P


Optical Tube

  • Primary mirror

    260mm effective aperture, precision spherical mirror, multicoated

  • Focal length (Focal ratio)

    3,000mm (F11.5)

  • Resolving power / Limiting magnitude

    0.45 arc seconds / 13.8

  • Light gathering power

    1380X unaided eye

  • Size / Weight

    304mm dia. and 680mm long (720mm incl. protruded focus knob) / 12.1kg (Net 10kg)

  • Finder scope

    7×50mm with dark-field illuminated reticle, 7 degrees field of view


  • Adapter thread / Visual back

    60mm and 42mmforT-ring / 50.8mm and 31.7mm push fit with flip mirror diagonal

  • Eyepiece (31.7mm)



  • Materials

    Steel pipe, aluminum pedestal and aluminum pillar tripod base

  • Size / Weight

    881.5mm high, 3.8mm thick, 139.8mm diameter pipe, 450mm set up space in radius / 24.5 kg


  • Photography

    Usable with Prime focus, Eyepiece projection and Afocal imaging

  • Solar observation

    Not available

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