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Vixen Telescope AX103S Optical Tube Assembly

Vixen Telescope AX103S Optical Tube Assembly


Optical Tube Assembly

  • Objective lens, effective aperture

    103mm, triplet SD apochromatic, multicoated

  • Focal length (Focal ratio)

    825mm (F8.0)

  • Resolving power / Limiting magnitude

    1.13 arc seconds / 11.8

  • Light gathering power

    217×unaided eye

  • Dimensions / Weight

    115mm dia×762mm long (retractable to 670mm long), 6.4kg (Net 4.6kg)

  • Finder scope

    7×50mm with dar-field illuminated reticle, 7 degrees field of view


  • Adapter threads / Visual back

    60mm, 42mm for T-ring / 50.8mm and 31.7mm push fitwith flip mirror diagonal



  • Accessories

    Tube rings, Dovetail tube plate, Metal carry handle

  • Photography

    Usable with Frime focus, Eyepiece projection and Afocal imaging

  • Solar observation

    Available with Sun projection screen set B

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